Initial Setup

To use the Cozmo SDK, the Cozmo mobile app must be installed on your mobile device and that device must be tethered to a computer via USB cable.


  • Python 3.5.1 or later
  • WiFi connection
  • An iOS or Android mobile device with the Cozmo app installed, connected to the computer via USB cable

SDK Example Programs

Anki provides example programs for novice and advanced users to run with the SDK. Download the SDK example programs here:

Once downloaded, extract the packaged files to a new directory.


To install the SDK on your system, select the instructions for your computer’s operating system.


Failure to Install Python Package

If your attempt to install Python packages such as NumPy fails, please upgrade your pip install as follows:

On macOS and Linux:

pip3 install -U pip

On Windows:

py -3 -m pip install -U pip

Once the pip command is upgraded, retry your Python package installation.

Cozmo SDK Forums

Please visit the Cozmo SDK Forums to ask questions, find solutions and for general discussion.

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